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Great News from our students - Jesse Niu and Jasper Li

We are so glad and proud to bring the good news from our students. Grade 5 Jesse Niu (牛海宁) and Grade 2 Jasper Li (李振保) represented HWA in the Bishan East Xiangqi Competition sponsored by Xiangqi Mindtrain Academy. Jesse earned 7th place in the 10-and-under age category, and Jasper won 3rd place in the 8-and-under category. Congratulations to both of them and Good job, boys!

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26 November 2018

Greetings probably have to be Yohoho... Christmas is near!

Time flies, warm greetings to parents and guardians.

It’s been fast, it seems like quite recently we just had our school term started, with teachers leading students to respective classes, and followed with the celebration for Mid-autumn festival, tailing behind is Halloween, and now, teachers are busy collaborating with students for the next event, to end the year with a Christmas party!

It’s University Talks Week at HWA! In part of HWA’s effort to prepare our graduating students for university selection, HWA’s partnered instituitions consisting of top universities in the world (represented through their partners in Singapore) shared with our students the scholarships and benefits they offer as well as the accreditations they have. The three-day event saw students attending talks by different instituitions to understand the courses offered and popular courses in various universities.

28 October 2018

Warm Greetings to all!

It's impressive to see HWA's team comes out in full force for this Halloween 2018. This 100% effort comes from PSG, HWA’s most important partner, they are fabulous and totally united, from snacks to games, photo booths, popcorns, games, it’s just awesome to see the real force from behind our students. No wonder our kids handle Chinese as one of the first languages as well.

The mid-autumn festival comes real in my Kindergarten school celebration today, and I have only started school one month ago!

Today is the Children's Day in Singapore and the Teacher's Day at HWA. Our students brought a grand performance to the teachers.​

HWA PYP Preview Sessions

HWA Preview Session for PYP

Age Group :3-12 years old

Venue: HWA Town Hall

Date &Time : 

9th October, Tuesday 2018     * 9am-11am   English * 1pm-3pm Mandarin

11th October, Thursday 2018   * 9am-11am   English * 1pm-3pm Mandarin


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01 October 2018


This simple sharing comes after the unusual turn Ministry of Education (MOE) announces to the change that will take place in the following year. Such a significant movement will have gone through many rounds of brainstorming to reach a stage of implementation.

HWA offers a variety of Co-Curricular Activities focusing on sports, environment, the arts, recreational activities, and languages. The CCA provides opportunities and experiences that facilitate growth and personal development in each and every student.