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Our neighbour - PERTAPIS

HWA students, Jingyi, handed over donation (SGD 430) from HWA family to PERTAPIS officer. The donation is consisted of:

SGD 250 from HWA in support of the decoration of Christmas Tree with accessories designed by students;:

SGD 180 from the souvenirs designed and packaged by students sold at Christmas Sale @ HWA and the Serangoon Year-end Carnival organised by Serangoon CC.:

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Exploring waves at East Coast Park

The Green Club field trip to the East Coast Park looking at waves and erosion was a great success. It was also a great way to welcome Ms. Keeley, our new primary English teacher, to our environmental club! We calculated long shore drift, wave height and made all kinds of observations about the sand looking at a pebble index.

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Hillside World Academy celebrates Language Week

Last week, HWA Middle and High School students had an opportunity to celebrate the school’s international and bilingual character during Language Week. Students took part in spelling bee competitions, debates, Chinese calligraphy workshops, tongue twister challenges and creative writing sessions in English, Mandarin and other mother tongues.

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Green Club succeeds in making volcano made of recycled materials erupt

The Earth shook at Hillside World Academy today as the Green Club finished making volcanos and managed to get them to erupt! The students made the volcanoes all by themselves. We have talked about shield, composite, and cinder volcanoes and discussed why volcanoes erupt, where most of them are located and the difference between magma and lava.

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15 January 2018

Warmest greetings to Parents, Students and, fellow colleagues.

It’s a wonderful time to enjoy this festive leading up to Chinese Lunar New Year in this cool weather.

The start of semester 2 sees HWA’s teaching team vibes up with much interesting backs to back preparations for the students.

The first being Chinese New year celebration and next is the registration of HSK for students.

02 January 2018

Greetings to Parents, Students, and the magnificent team of HWA.

Wish all of you a Happy New 2018 and welcome a God Blessed year!

Indeed, with the reflective departure of 2017 and the welcoming of 2018, HWA is fully ready to embrace the New Year with many improved and refined planning, introducing enhanced services, such as social-emotional support, language tutorial lessons just for our very own HWA’s students.

Merry Christmas from Hillside World Academy!

Hillside World Academy enjoyed a festive and joyous last day of term. All primary classes contributed with performances full of Christmas cheer. Middle and High School students also joined in and parents, students and staff enjoyed both class and individual performances including piano, guitar, singing and beat boxing. After the festivities, students held classroom parties.

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11 December 2017

I have 2 boys sitting across me on two occasions. Both are about the same age but both see me for different reasons.

Both are thinking hard for their future, the pursuant to their dreams, both are motivated and determined, but they decided on different pathways.

One has decided to end his formal education to pursue vocational training even it is just 6 months to complete his rightful education journey, the other is motivated to complete this path to embark to move to his “dream” university. Both have urgent tasks. They need to make decisions.

Visit to Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Our Grade 5 and 6 students went to visit Bright Hill Evergreen Home with Mr Max, Ms Lakshmi and Ms Natasha this week. The students brought food and cakes and celebrated the December birthdays of the elderly who live at the Home. The students also performed songs and conducted a bingo session, and enjoyed bonding time with the elderly.

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