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Grade 5 Hosts Community Development time

Grade 5 hosted the PYP Community Development session this week, starting with morning exercises and a talk on positive thoughts. They also interviewed our school counsellor Ms. Andrea. In addition, K2, Grade 2, Grade 5 and 6 used the opportunity to present their projects linked to their units of inquiry, including topics on transport and ancient Chinese civilisations.

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Camp Sleepover

Last Friday, the Primary School hosted its first ever campus sleepover involving students, the Scouts and teachers. The kids enjoyed a scrumptious dinner, fun games, bonding group activities, and a campfire hosted by the Scouts. The evening ended with popcorn and a bilingual movie screening of Zootopia. The following morning students reflected on the many activities they enjoyed.

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Green Club visit to SEA Aquarium

The Green Club has been looking at the Sustainable Development Goals over the last few weeks. In connection with Sustainable Development Goal nr. 14 – Life Below Water, the Green Club visited the SEA Aquarium. All the kids enjoyed the spectacular colours, sizes and shapes of the creatures that live below the water. We spent some extra time looking at all the life that is dependent on corals.

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03 November 2017

On 03 November 2017 G11 and G12 Economics and Biology students visited Citiponics urban farm in Jurong East to learn more about the application of aeroponics and hydroponics. This visit marked the beginning of a project to look into the viability in constructing a mini hydroponics at HWA. We thanked Mr.

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06 November 2017

Greetings to all!
In a fast-paced society where change is the only constant, the education sector is urged to move with the times and continually seek betterment.

But change is only possible with the right team to make things happen. Academic institutions and schools alike need to initiate firm assessment to ensure the right candidates are matched to key management positions. Careful selection of Management staff, teachers and non teaching staff are equally crucial to ensure that students receive the guidance and mentorship they deserve.

17 October 2017


Come 23 October, HWA will continue it's next phrase of learning journal for our precious students, gearing towards Christmas and the countdown of 2017.

This one week of break allows a brief change of lifestyles break in habits for all the teachers, students and parents alike.

Waking up later than usual, having lazy breakfast at grandparents' place or a holiday resorts for some of the families, this break provides just the needed refreshing change.

Mai Chau Final Day

We visited the Rescued Primate Centre and the Endangered Turtle Conservation Centre and learned the problems and challenges faced by the Rescue Team. The visit to the pristine cave was scrapped due to the rain again. After lunch, we rowed boat at the scenery lake before leaving for Hanoi. We enjoyed a relaxing evening walk at the Hanoi Old Quarter ensued by a lovely dinner.

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