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Welcome Message

HWA's proud background

Beijing Huijia Private School, set up in 1993, is the first and very successful private educational hub that embraces IB program and has empowered many graduates who progressed far and wide, in the ordinance to pursue their universities pathway in the world. Huijia has 45 kindergartens in china and the list is adding on. Besides, it houses more than tens of thousand of students from PYP to Diploma programs. Students demonstrated their skill set holistically through the experiences and exposures that Huijia cleverly crafted. Huijia prides itself as the Bilingual Bicultural education hot house that believes learning concepts progresses beyond.

HWA, Singapore campus

HWA, Hillside Worldwide Academy, is incorporated in 2006 and is the first oversea expansion of Beijing Huijia. HWA carries the same mission of Bilingualism and Biculturalism from the parent school. HWA is determined to share chinese's roots, values, depth of the language and concept, integrated through the extended platform of IB, International Baccalaureate, Inquiry-based learning framework. Over the years, HWA's unique educational framework has enabled countless number of students who have successfully progressed to major universities across the globe.

We pride ourselves as the pioneer in Bilingual and Bicultural educational power house in Singapore and we firmly believe that learning takes beyond. Our students are taught in the PYP years with teachers setting the exemplary by switching bilingually. Students can code switch interactively between PuTongHua, Mandarin and English easily. Walking into our campus will raise many eyebrows through our pride, experiencing HWA's very own native children exchanging pleasantries with teachers and friends in polished mandarin. We ensure there is on-going cultural immersion exchange program between Beijing Huijia's and HWAs' students, elevating learning of mandarin communication effectively through read, speak and listen.

HWA's teachers are IB trained, equipped through conducted workshops (PD) organized by professionals in the very field, thus empowering them with the latest teaching methodology to make teaching fun and interactive. On board our academic advisory team, we have professionals in the education industry that provide total commitment and mindset to scaffold learning.

Embarking on a new direction and venture, the emerging HWA is taking in the lead to leap through a total new dimension of instituting the depth and breadth of Chinese Culture, starting from the very young, meaningfully, not forgetting our partners, Parents.

Research by Stanford study suggests that cultural learning when starts young, could embed in the individual the soft skills traits of ; adaptive, resilience and cultivate flexibility that help to fit into formal social setting in the latter years. That's exactly what HWA does, our students are cultured and nurtured to be a team player as they progress from each level, strengthening the roots of the values they learn in the formative years.

HWA accepts students with non-discriminatory position as accordance to the spirit of IB, and accept applications from all over the world, throughout the year. Please connect with us and browse through our daily uploaded activities. Simply book a tour around our school with our friendly customer service officers when you are in town, and allow us the opportunity to share our campus and our educational pathway that we specially design for your precious child.

Mr. Yew Yi
Executive Principal
Hillside World Academy