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Chinese Calligraphy and Go

Learning Chinese through its cultural is how HWA stands out from other International schools as a true Bilingual and Bi-cultural school. Look at our children having great FUN in their Chinese culture lesson and WeiQi CCA!

从实践当中学习、从学习当中体会乐趣,让孩子享受学习的过程-这就是HWA一直以来贯彻的教育理念。中文作为最难的语言之一,对于普通的学生来说可能是艰难和枯燥的,但是在HWA我们将中文的学习融入在每天的教学和娱乐当中,让孩子在多样的活动中潜移默化的学习中文和中华文化。瞧! 孩子们多么开心呀!

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Great News from our students - Jesse Niu and Jasper Li

We are so glad and proud to bring the good news from our students. Grade 5 Jesse Niu (牛海宁) and Grade 2 Jasper Li (李振保) represented HWA in the Bishan East Xiangqi Competition sponsored by Xiangqi Mindtrain Academy. Jesse earned 7th place in the 10-and-under age category, and Jasper won 3rd place in the 8-and-under category. Congratulations to both of them and Good job, boys!

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Meridian Primary School Visit

On the 10th of November, our Grade 5 and Grade 6 students hosted 18 Primary 5 students from Meridian Primary School.Meridian Primary is a local school in Pasir Ris that places a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly.Many of our students came dressed in their national costumes and shared with our guests which country they are representing.

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Japanese Open House

We were honored to host the Japanese Open House dedicated to Japanese families on Wednesday, 2nd Nov.

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Exchange programme - Beijing Trip

HWA is unique as it is the only international school in Singapore to offer a true Chinese and English bilingual education. A group of HWA primary students just returned from a 10-day exchange programme at their Beijing sister school, Huijia Private School. We are proud to be the real bilingualism!

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Halloween Night

We had an unforgettable and spooky Halloween night On the 30th October. The whole HWA campus was filled with laughter, joy and of course screams! We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Hillside NC, Serangoon CCC, Parent Support Group and HWA staff who planned and contributed to this amazing event. Without them, we wouldn’t have so much fun!

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HWA 10th Anniversary

On the 28th October we celebrated our school’s 10th Anniversary together with our annual International Day.

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Congratulations to Jasper Li


On Saturday 3 September, Jasper Li (李振保) represented HWA in the “OPL Scholastic XiangQi Competition 2016" sponsored by the XiangQi Mind Train Academy (象棋学院). He finished in 12th place in the U8 (8 years and under) category and earned a bronze trophy.

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本校持续关注兹卡病毒疫情发展,目前兹卡病毒病例已经上升到一百八十九例。 本校健全的防蚊措施如下 :

1. 每周进行一次防蚊药喷洒
2. 每周进行两次蚊虫滋生检查 有介于兹卡病毒的快速传播,




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