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Congratulations to Jasper Li


On Saturday 3 September, Jasper Li (李振保) represented HWA in the “OPL Scholastic XiangQi Competition 2016" sponsored by the XiangQi Mind Train Academy (象棋学院). He finished in 12th place in the U8 (8 years and under) category and earned a bronze trophy.

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本校持续关注兹卡病毒疫情发展,目前兹卡病毒病例已经上升到一百八十九例。 本校健全的防蚊措施如下 :

1. 每周进行一次防蚊药喷洒
2. 每周进行两次蚊虫滋生检查 有介于兹卡病毒的快速传播,




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Zika Measures by Hillside World Academy


Dear Parents and Guardians, Hillside World Academy has noted the rise of Zika cases to 189.

We have a robust system in place to tackle mosquito breeding in the school.

1. Mosquito fogging every week.
2. Mosquito breeding checks twice a week.

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23 August 2016 - CCA Open House

There will be a CCA Open House on 23 August 2016 at 2.45 pm. Interesting activities will be displayed for students and parents to choose from.


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23 August 2016 - Meet the Parents' Session

There will be a school-wide 'Meet the Parents' session on 23 August 2016 (Tuesday).  The School Principal and Vice Principals will be providing information on Academic Curriculum, Student Development Programmes and CCA matters.  Details on 23 August 2016programme as follows:

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16 August 2016 - School Opening Day

As we welcome the new Academic Year 2016/2017, we hope you and your kids are having a good break!  Before school starts on 16 August 2016 (Tuesday), we would like to highlight a few matters to all parents/guardians as follows:

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27 May 2016 – Grade 12 graduation

Grade 12 will complete their journey at HWA with the Graduation Ceremony, which will be held at 4 p.m. Students will be awarded the High School Diplomas and students with excellent academic achievement will be recognised. During the musical intermission, several students from Middle and High School will perform.

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27 May 2016 – Sports Day

Sports Day will start will an opening ceremony at 8.15 am and games/events will begin at 8.45 am. Competitions between the houses will include Captains Ball, Soccer, Hockey, Relays and many more. Parents, Teachers and Staff will be participating as well during this morning event.

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