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Grade 11 Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Trip to Hoi An, Vietnam

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I am haunted by the memory of an image. A 10-minute encounter.Donating bags of rice to poor people in the Hoi An countryside. One of our recipients, a mentally handicapped woman living on her own in a “house” made for her by the Vietnamese government because she cannot afford her own. A house with no doors and windows. In the summer, no respite from the searing heat. In the monsoon season, no shelter from the storm.

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What ‘Transdisciplinary’ Means for your Child

Many of you would have stumbled upon the term ‘transdisciplinary’ throughout yours or your child’s IB education. But what does it mean, exactly? Over this weekend, I read an article in The Independent about how countries such as Finland are reforming their entire education system to something called ‘phenomenon-based’ teaching, where students are taught by topic, as opposed to subject-specific lessons. Not unlike the IB PYP, ‘phenomenon’ teaching encourages students to combine knowledge and skills from different subject areas in a classroom activity.

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IB PYP Evaluation Team Visits

As you know last week our school hosted the PYP evaluation team visits. It most definitely was a nerve-racking experience for the entire PYP team, as any scrutiny of processes, and collection of evidence would be. However we were also very welcoming of the process, as any recommendations will only help us to become an even better school. The official report will arrive in four to six weeks. The parents interviewed certainly did their part to project a very positive image of the school. We thank you for taking valuable time out of your schedule to come and speak with the team. The group of parents invited did not represent the PSG, and were a very diverse group representing different grade levels and different backgrounds.

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