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16 August 2016 - School Opening Day

As we welcome the new Academic Year 2016/2017, we hope you and your kids are having a good break!  Before school starts on 16 August 2016 (Tuesday), we would like to highlight a few matters to all parents/guardians as follows:

1. Reporting on the First Day of School
For the new Academic Year 2016/2017, all students are to report to their respective classes by 8.00am.
For the first day of school on 16 August, the homeroom teachers will be taking attendance at 8.00am. After that, they will bring the students to assemble at the School Hall for the Principal welcome address and introduction of new teachers to the whole school.

Do take note that the school gate will be opened at 7.30am for student drop-off by cars. The gate will close at 8.00am sharp. For the safety of our students, no car will be allowed into the school compound between 8.00am - 2.30pm.

2. School Bus
Our school bus vendor will be calling all parents/guardians who have submitted the bus application form on the pick-up timing before school starts.  Please contact Ms. Irene from Sky Transport, at +65 9646 5287 if you have any school bus enquiries.

3. Back to School Checklist (for Kindergarten and Primary students only)
Please find attached 'Back to School Checklist' and purchase the stationery kit from the school bookshop.

4. Lunch Order (for Kindergarten students only)
The portal will be opened for lunch order from 12 August 2016, Friday
5.  School Uniforms
School Uniforms can be purchased from 12 August 2016, Friday @ 9am-4.30pm onwards (except Saturdays, Sunday and Public Holidays)   

6. Academic Calendar for 2016-2017
The updated Academic Calendar 2016-2017 is available on the website.

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