One community, a world of difference

30 August 2016

The skies opened up this morning and poured a huge amount of water on the school premises. It felt good to see the three admin staff (thank you, Ms Hsu, Ms Chua and Mr Than for the good work) working together with me, to quickly bringing their umbrellas to shelter our students coming in from the buses and cars, to make sure they are as dry as possible when they begin their lessons for the day.

One of my staff was concerned because I had gotten wet along the way, while sheltering my students. My reply to her was very simple, “When the parents are not around, we are their parents. We shall give them the same love that their parents give to them.”

And in a nutshell, this is what school is about. No just helping our students to acquire knowledge (which is but a simple Google or Baidu away, anyway), but also helping these young shoots entrusted to us to grow into tall trees, that in future they may be the ones providing shelter for society.

And for that, it is seriously no big deal getting wet along the way.

        今早的一场倾盆大雨,让校园多处都积着水,但很高兴看到我们三位办公室的同事 - 许老师,蔡老师和谭老师立即拿了伞和我一起给刚到校下车的孩子们挡风遮雨,尽可能不让他们被雨水淋湿,有个干爽的早晨,美好的开始。




Michael Chan 曾俊成
Principal 校长
Hillside World Academy