One community, a world of difference

2 September 2016

I had my first conference with parents today, 9 working days after I took over the school. It was a conference we arranged after consultation with the Parents Support Group, on the best day and time for me to meet the most important people in the lives of the young people entrusted to us.

The meeting reminded me how important communication is to any relationship. I treasure greatly these opinions, for it is those who treasure the relationship who will voice their feelings and push for the relationship to progress. When one or both parties refuse to communicate, the relationship truly ends.

The rise of Zika in Singapore (189 as of the writing of this post) created concerns and alarm in our parents. My team was quick to step up their anti-mosquito drive, and the school has started to add even more measures, in addition to our existing robust anti-mosquito framework.

The health and education of our students remain in my heart, and the feedback from the parents shall also remain in my mind as I continue to explore how I can create a vibrant campus of learners amidst all the challenges I have to face in running an international school in Singapore.

        在上任后的第九天,经由家长委员会的沟通协调,他们为我安排了一个最合适的时间,让我有机会和孩子生命中最重要的人见面 - 我们最尊敬的家长们。




Michael Chan 曾俊成
Principal 校长
Hillside World Academy