One community, a world of difference

23 September 2016

16 Sep is the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in our school. It is also the final school day of our first batch of immersion students from Beijing Huijia Private School, our sister school in Beijing, for the year. I was glad to see plenty of talents performing that day. I was also glad to see how our immersion students have enjoyed themselves during the celebrations.

I played basketball with a bunch of middle school kids on Monday. It is a sobering thing to find out that I cannot outlast them when it comes to stamina, no matter how well I can play. My team won, but I had to beat a hasty retreat after just 10 minutes of play. I had to deal with some body aches for a day or two. These guys are good. We should form a basketball team to go for some competitions.

The Zika hysteria is also slowing down in Singapore. I have asked the teachers to stand down in their temperature inspections from next week onwards, but my estate team shall continue with their heightened inspection regime for a few more weeks, just in case. My students are important to me, and I want to make sure they are well taken care of.

Meanwhile, the stream of students coming into my office continues, with some very creative excuses for why they should get candy. Perhaps I should get in touch with their parents, just in case they are not aware their children have been taking candy every day…

Another busy week in the life of the Principal at HWA…