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7 October 2016

The change of weather in Singapore these few weeks, from extreme hot to thunderous downpours, have taken its toll upon my staff. It came to a point where we have four teachers taken sick in one day, and my Vice-Principal had to approach me to cover as well.

I gladly covered for a lovely Grade 2 class, for a topic about “Heroes”. Guest speakers that day included a scientist who worked with a village that lost their livelihood when their fishing grounds became a resort, as well as a dog that donates blood to other dogs. My lesson with them enabled me to understand some of the improvements we still need to make in the classroom, in order for the children to learn.

I was very happy to see our university counselor from Huijia (our sister school in Beijing) come down to speak to our students. We are in the midst of ironing out some details on how their team can support us. Such support would free our staff to focus even more on what they do best – to teach.

Yet another busy week of a Principal now on medication himself to fight an infection!







Michael Chan 曾俊成

Principal 校长

Hillside World Academy