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14 October 2016

It is the week before the mid-semester holidays, and everything in the school appears to be winding down in anticipation. One can feel it in the air, as students discuss about going home, as teachers talk about taking a break.

Some things never stop though.

The preparations for our junior school’s trip to Beijing for their Chinese immersion programme continue. Good suggestions from the parents continue to come in, and are implemented immediately, even at this late hour.

 The preparations for our International Day and Tenth Anniversary event, as well as the Halloween event (the latter in conjunction with the local Neighbourhood Committee), continue. We are so glad to have our Parents Support Group amidst us, involved in the planning and in the execution of our events. They are truly partners with us in the education of their children, our students.

The preparations to move our Pre-School playground equipment continue. This effort should make the equipment more available to our students, and make the school more a place of memories for them. Many of my students still remember their playground equipment they played imagination games with, in their school.

Amidst all these preparations, we received visitors from the International School of the Peninsula (ISTP) of Palo Alto, California. Their senior leadership was especially intrigued by how we managed to make a truly bilingual programme work in the PYP, and we spent nearly an hour sharing our mutual experiences as school administrators.

So what is the Principal doing for the holidays? He is preparing for a weekend workshop coming up, followed by a business trip to Beijing to tie up some matters at group level, followed by preparations to teach some High School classes every day to cover for a teacher.

It is going to be a very busy second half after the mid-semester holidays.


还有一周的时间就要迎来我们的学期中假期了。 校园里所有的一切都如预期一样趋于平静下来。我可以清晰的感受到学校里弥漫着这样的气息: 学生在讨论着回家而老师们在讨论着可以好好的休息一下。


我们初中部在北京的中国体验之旅正在紧锣密鼓地准备当中。 我们也收到家长络绎不绝地提议。 尽管是在筹备的最后阶段,但是我们仍然认真对待每一个建议并且努力实施这些建议。

与此同时,我们学校的国际日、十年校庆还有万圣节活动(与邻里委员会共同合作)也在陆陆续续的筹备当中。 我们非常荣幸有家长会来参一起计划与筹办我们的活动。他们是我们在教育孩子和学生方面的忠实伙伴。

学校游乐场设施的搬迁准备工作也在进行当中。 这些努力是为了使我们的游乐场设施有更好的利用,使学校成为孩子们欢乐的回忆。 我许多学生仍记得当年他们在学校的游乐场设施玩想象力游戏。

在这些准备工作的期间,我们也迎来了美国加利福尼亚州 – 半岛国际学校的访客。 半岛国际学校的领导层对我们学校如何在幼儿园、 小学实现真正双语教学显示出浓厚的兴趣。我们双方学校管理者也在教学与管理经验等方面进行了长达一个小时的深入交流与学习。

那么,放假期间作为校长的我在做些什么呢? 我正专心致志的准备一个即将到来的周末研讨会,紧接着要飞往北京参加集团会议,除此之外呢,还要代一位老师,准备一些高中的教学课程。



Michael Chan




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