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28 October 2016

It has been a busy week for me during the one-week mid-semester holiday. It was also a most fruitful week, as I met up to discuss collaboration possibilities with Huijia Private School, and also found out that our bunch of Junior School students who were there on an exchange programme shall get to perform at a major event before government officials!

The LTA, the government body in charge of deciding on zebra crossings and “School Zone” signs, have responded via the Neighbourhood Committee, that they are doing a feasibility study and looking into my requests safety measures for our school. Such measures are necessary, as I observed how some drivers (not many, thankfully) have a habit of just zooming through Hillside Drive. At our end, we just have to continue educating our students on road safety.

I have also gotten to know our Grade 11 students better, after subbing for Economics for the class this week. The IB system has prepared them well for knowledge in the modern world, as one of them challenged me on my point that direct taxes change the demand curve of households (which is correct, but not the total truth), and successfully researched and pointed out that they change the nature of the supply curve of companies as well. This is how education should be about – not passively absorbing what teachers have to teach, but actively seeking the truths themselves.

A meeting with my English-speaking parents from Grades 1 to 3 also brought up a lovely nugget of what made HWA a special school. Parents noted how our senior school youths actually played soccer and basketball with our junior school children, and sometimes even teaching them how to play better. I saw how the entire school practised for the mass dance segment of the International Day event this week, and was very heartened by how our older boys and girls actually paired up and laughed as they danced with their younger “siblings”.

The rain has just stopped and I see the sun outside my door. Now to get to making sure my speech for the International Day is done!



今日我也收到道路交通管理局负责人行斑马线和学校道路指示负责人的回复,他们表示正通过邻里社区做深入的调查,研究我所提出多项针对校园周边道路安全措施的申请。我认为这些道路安全措施是非常重要的,因为我观察到有些司机(幸好是为数不多的)经常快速驶入Hillside Drive这条路。当然我们也会继续去教导我们的学生交通安全的相关知识。





Michael Chan 曾俊成

Principal 校长

Hillside World Academy