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Halloween Night

We had an unforgettable and spooky Halloween night On the 30th October. The whole HWA campus was filled with laughter, joy and of course screams! We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Hillside NC, Serangoon CCC, Parent Support Group and HWA staff who planned and contributed to this amazing event. Without them, we wouldn’t have so much fun!

十月30号晚上,孩子、家长以及实龙岗的邻里们在一起度过了一个令人难忘又充满惊险刺激的万圣节之夜。整个校园弥漫着欢乐的笑声,当然还有尖叫声! HWA想特别感谢Hillside居委会,实龙岗公民委员会、HWA家长会以及HWA的职工们。谢谢你们过去几周无私热情的筹划,才能让今年万圣节如此刺激有趣!

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