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Great News from our students - Jesse Niu and Jasper Li

We are so glad and proud to bring the good news from our students. Grade 5 Jesse Niu (牛海宁) and Grade 2 Jasper Li (李振保) represented HWA in the Bishan East Xiangqi Competition sponsored by Xiangqi Mindtrain Academy. Jesse earned 7th place in the 10-and-under age category, and Jasper won 3rd place in the 8-and-under category. Congratulations to both of them and Good job, boys!

我们怀着无比兴奋与自豪的心情给大家带来学生的好消息。来自五年级的牛海宁和二年级的李振保同学代表HWA 参加了由新加坡智力象棋学院举办的碧山东象棋比赛。最终,牛海宁在10岁以下组取得第七名、李振保在8岁以下组取得第三名的优异成绩。在这里,我们向两位学生表示祝贺,做的棒孩子们!

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