One community, a world of difference

18 November 2016

I had a great tea session with my Grade 4 to 6 parents this week. All of these parents are not new to me, for I have interacted with them informally all these months I have been here at HWA.

A discussion about what “partners” mean arose during the meeting. I was glad to share how my management philosophy guided my interaction with parents in my previous schools. Some schools I know of treat parents like they are the plague (to be avoided at all costs) or as money cows (to be milked and not listened to). Other schools treat parents like they are God and pander to everything they demand, as paying customers.

How about this Principal? This Principal treats parents as partners in the education of his students. And partners should be involved in the many matters of the school community. Some schools, like many not-for-profit or trust schools, take it all the way, with parents represented in the board, and with a strong say in curriculum and branding matters. Right now, we involve parents in events and communicate with them, but I see a need to involve our parents even more in the school, as partners in education.

Complicating this relationship is the fact that our partners have values and beliefs in education that can span a wide range. For every parent who demands more Chinese to be taught, we can find another who demands more English. For every parent who demands more rigour in our curriculum, we can find another who wants their kid to enjoy their childhood.

As such, it is more viable to speak to parent representatives, rather than all parents. It is in the interest of the school to have as diverse a representative in their Parent Support Group as possible. In a previous school I worked in, each community (Korean, Taiwanese, Singaporean, British, American, Indian, Japanese, etc) was well-represented and provided diverse viewpoints when management needed feedback from our partners.

I would like to take the opportunity here to put out a plug for our wonderful Parents Support Group, run by Chairperson Mrs Ruth Li. Together with her core group of parents, they have been instrumental to the success of many of our events, and have given us important feedback to make the school a better place not just for their children, but for the entire HWA community. Please do get in touch with her at and be part of this Parents Support Group. I really want to see the views of our entire HWA family represented.、

Writing about educational management can take the fun out of an educator. Time for me to stop and pop by the Math & Science Fair happening right now at the Junior School!






因此,与其和每一位家长交流,我认为和家长代表交流更为可行。 多元化的家长会代表组成是对学校有益的。在我之前工作的学校,每个群体(韩国人,台湾人,新加坡人,英国人,美国人,印度人,日本人等等) 都有各自非常优秀的代表,并且在管理层需要家长的反馈时都能提出很多建设性的提议。

我想借此机会鼓励再次介绍我们优秀的家长会。许多成功的活动和建设性的反馈都由她和她的家长会团队来协助 。家长会给了我许多重要的反馈,也帮助学校变得更好。他们不仅仅是为了他们的孩子,而是为了整个HWA大家庭。我诚挚的邀请您联系邰女士normandruth@gmail.com参与我们的家长会。我也非常期待听到整个HWA大家庭代表更多的建议。

撰写教育管理的文章实在让一名教育家失去了教育的乐趣 。不过,是时候结束了!因为,现在我得去小学部看看数学和科学周的活动,做回一名教育家啦!


Michael Chan 曾俊成

Principal 校长

Hillside World Academy