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Maths and Science Week - (16 -18th Nov 2016)

Who says Maths and Science are boring?  Grades One to Six students from HWA learned that Maths and Science can be both stimulating and fun at the same time through the many activities they participated in over the past three days.  The students watched an episode of “The Magic School Bus” in the Seminar Room, learned about the four great inventions from China and spent an afternoon playing station games.  The games spanned the different strands in the Maths and Science Scope & Sequence of the PYP.  They ranged from learning how to make scientific drawings to doing simple calculations for Math Bingo.  The grand prize for the last activity, "Guess It”, was won by Bennyhinn from Grade 3.  He came closest to guessing the number of toy bricks in a clear container.  Congratulations, Benny!

The school is grateful to have parent volunteers who came down to assist in the running of stations.  Thank you, parents!  

谁说学习数学和科学是枯燥无味的? 在过去的3天里,HWA一年级到六年级的学生通过参与各种各样的活动体会到学习数学和科学也是可以非常生动有趣的! 学生们在视听教室观看了影片“魔法校车”的片段,了解中国的四大发明并在下午透过各式游戏学习。这些游戏囊括了国际文凭小学课程中数学和科学的课程内容,内容同时包含了多样的学习主题和不同的程度的挑战。范围可以从科学绘图到使用数学运算来玩宾果游戏。此项活动的最后一个游戏“猜猜看”的大奖赢家是3年级的Bennyhinn。他所计算透明箱子里的玩具积木数目最接近正确数字。恭喜你! Benny!


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