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Morning tea 早茶会 -23rd Nov 2016

We were delighted to meet Year 1 to Year 6 parents in our Morning Tea with the Principal this Wednesday. The morning tea meeting has been a tradition for our principal Mr.Chan to communicate with parents for years. Although Mr. Chan usually sees many of the parents during the morning drop off, the morning tea session provides an opportunity for in-depth discussion and communication.

During the meeting, the principals talked about HWA's educational philosophy and what makes HWA different from other international schools. The parents praised HWA’s efforts in teaching and spoke highly of Mr. Tan (Grade 6 teacher) and Ms. Lu (Grade 1 teacher), they also show their appreciation to the nursery class teachers who are most caring and look after the children like their own. 

The principal and parents share their opinions on some of the issues:

• The Vice Principal Mr. Mak explained the purpose of splitting the G1 class into two classes and the placement of every child. It was taken with great consideration of the level difference between the two languages (Chinese and English) and to fulfill the learning needs of the children.
• The school has increased the budget for the teacher’s professional development. This will support the teachers to improve and upgrade their teaching skills.
• Feedback about supporting Chinese-speaking student to improve their English.
• Parents’ advice on areas of improvement in the school.

We appreciate the valuable advice from all the parents and we endeavour to continuously improve and provide the best bilingual and bicultural international education in Singapore. 


在早茶会期间,校长阐述了HWA的办学理念和特色。家长们对HWA的教学和各个方面的努力给予了高度评价。家长们也对Joshua Tan老师和卢老师因材施教的教学方式大加赞赏。他们不仅仅是单纯的教授知识,而是注重每一个孩子的全面发展,用爱去关心每一个孩子。家长们也对幼儿园老师的付出表示感激,家长们看到HWA的老师真正把这些孩子当作自己的孩子一样精心照看。

• 马副校长解释了一年级分班的意义,不仅仅是考虑到孩子的中英文水平,同时也考虑到孩子成长的不同需要。
• 学校已提高了教师教育培训方面的预算,帮助教师们不断的提高教学水平。
• 家长们反映了希望学校可以帮助以中文为母语的孩子加强英文。
• 家长们也对学校在教学和其他方面可以改善的地方进行反馈。



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