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PSG BBQ Night- 家长会烧烤夜

HWA is such a close-knit community where parents and students support each other like a family. On the 3rd Dec 2016, our Parents Support Group (PSG) held a fantastic BBQ night and it was so exciting to see parents come down to join us. Besides the regular BBQ items, some parents even prepared authentic Chinese ZhaJiang noodles and Chinese tea! Indeed, it was another bi-cultural event in HWA!

Thank you so much for those who have come on Saturday and a big thank you to our wonderful Chair of the PSG – Ruth Li.

HWA是一个如此亲密的社群,在这里家长们和学生们像一个大家庭一样相互扶持。就在12月3日,我们的家长会成员在一起度过了美好的夜晚。 令人兴奋的是,看到许多家长抽出自己宝贵的时间前来参加烧烤夜。 除了烧烤食物,一些家长还精心准备了正宗的中式炸酱面和中国茶。 在HWA就连我们的烧烤夜也是多文化的!

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