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9th Dec 2016

My posts have been absent for more than two weeks! It has really been a busy two weeks, with many matters taking me away from people who should really matter to me – the teachers, the parents and the students.

A lot has happened the past weeks, including hosting visits by the Shangrao city Education Bureau, a media interview with a Shenzhen channel “YaYa”, visits from a Chinese educational consortium and discussions with local expat media as we continue to make our presence felt both here and overseas.

I felt a vacuum in my heart (as I am sure do many of our junior school parents) when my VP and Head of Junior School, Mr Raymond Mak, requested to return to his former school, Hwa Chong International. We decided to promote a teacher, Mr Joshua Medendorp, to be our PYP Coordinator, and begin our search for a Head of Junior School to take over. Mr Poh Leong Joo, Head of Senior School, shall remain my only VP.

Our close ties to our parent organization and our sister school in Beijing was again made clear when they answered my call for help. Mr Yew Yi, Primary School Principal of Huijia Private School, shall straddle both schools, to include in his duties that of the Head of Junior School at HWA, during our search for the Head of Junior School.

Our close ties to our Parents Support Group was again made manifest at two meetings, where valuable feedback was given on how we can approach this matter and move on. And all these amidst PSG meetings to plan for the Christmas event! I am very grateful for this community in HWA.

With one more week to go before the Christmas holidays and the end of the calendar, I cannot help but look upon the current numbers I have with some satisfaction – from 197 students when I first arrived in August this year, we have seen our numbers rise to 224 (236 come January next year), with a packed Grade 10 class that we may have to split to bring in those on the waiting list.

But beyond numbers, I see many more things I need to do, to work with the shareholders and stakeholders to make this school a place where students learn, where teachers know they make a difference in young lives, and where parents know their children’s future are well taken care of.

It is going to be a long road ahead, but it is a journey I am prepared to make with my comrades and partners.


校长博客 - 2016年12月9日

我的博客已经有两个多星期没有更新了! 过去的两个星期真的是非常忙碌,许多事情使我分身乏术无法全心专注于对我最重要的人群 - 老师、家长和学生们。


当我听到马副校长(小学校长)申请离职回到他先前的工作岗位-华中国际学校时,我感到若有所失(我想很多小学的家长们也有同样的感觉)。我们也决定提拔Joshua Medendorp老师为PYP协调员并且开始寻找接任马副校长职务的人选。高中部傅良裕校长将继续在原来的岗位,作为我现在唯一的副校长。

与我们一直保持紧密联系的母公司和北京姐妹校也持续的支援我们。汇佳私立学校的小学校长Yew Yi先生将在我们寻找副校长人选的期间,兼任HWA小学部校长。

此外和学校有着密切关系的家长会也在两次会议上就如何解决这个问题和学校如何持续发展上提供了宝贵的建议。家长会上还一并筹划了圣诞节庆祝活动! 我真的非常感恩能够参与这个“学校大家庭”。

时光如梭,还有一个星期就要迎来圣诞假期和年尾了,我不禁想起目前学生的数目,让我感到一些满意的是,学生数目从八月我刚刚入职时的197名学生,一路上升 到224名(明年一月预计将会达到236名)。目前十年级是满额的,我们甚至可能需要将10年级分班,让那些在等待名单的学生可以顺利入学。



Michael Chan 曾俊成

Principal 校长

Hillside World Academy