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UBERsleigh campaign 慈善捐物活动

On December 2nd an UBERsleigh turned up at HWA to collect our donations for the Red Cross charity appeal.  We only found out about this campaign the day before its launch and so hastily put a notice out to parents for donations of used kids' books, stationary, toys and clothes and we got a great response (see the pics for some of the wonderful things we received).

A BIG thank you to parents and students for rallying around at such short notice to help make Christmas a magical time for underprivileged children in Singapore. The Red Cross volunteer collectors were impressed by the amount of donations we had collected.  The charity posted on their Facebook page, "THANK YOU for all your love and support! We had fun sorting your donated toys and believe our children beneficiaries will enjoy them greatly."

12月2日, UBERsleigh来到HWA收集我们给红十字慈善筹集的捐赠品。 由于我们是在活动开始的前一天才发现有这样一个活动,所以匆忙地通知家长们捐赠他们不需要的儿童书籍、文具、玩具和衣服。我们得到了非常热烈的支持(瞧,照片里这些就是我们所收到的捐赠品)。 非常感谢家长和学生们在这么短的时间内团结在一起,让来临的圣诞节成为新加坡贫困儿童的一束曙光。 前来收集的红十字会志愿者对我们这么多的捐赠品感到惊喜。 慈善机构也在他们的脸书主页上分享了这些照片,“在此我们感谢你们的爱心和支持!我们在整理捐赠的玩具的过程中也非常开心,我们相信,这些受益的孩子们也会非常喜欢这些玩具。”

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