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Police Talk 安全知识讲座

On the 13 December 2016, the Singapore Police Force paid a highly anticipated visit to HWA Kindergarten to share with the children about what they do. The police officers, from the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre, introduced their uniforms, weapons (T-baton, handcuffs, revolver, radio receiver & bullets), hats, modes of transport, and their roles and responsibilities to the community. They did a show and tell, and allowed the children to touch and feel their weapons and other gadgets. They also showed us their police car, with the blinkers on, and allowed the children to sit freely in the front and back seat. They displayed the police shields that are used during riots. The children were informed about emergency numbers to call, which are 999 (Police) and 995 (Fire & Rescue). Lastly, the children were briefed on stranger danger, and taught how to tell the difference between a genuine policeman and an impersonator by looking at their badge (Warranty card). The children were inspired by the unique experience and went home with renewed respect for the Police. We really appreciate that the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre took their precious time coming down to our school for the talk and your efforts in protecting everyone.

12月13号,孩子们期待已久的警察叔叔阿姨们来到我们学校,跟我们幼儿园的孩子们分享他们的日常工作。来自后港邻里警局的警察叔叔们向孩子们介绍了他们的制服、武器、帽子、交通工具、还有他们在社区的职责。警察叔叔们还向孩子们展示了他们的武器和其他装备,小朋友们还有机会摸一摸警察叔叔的这些装备。不仅如此,警察叔叔们还把警车开进校园里面,让孩子坐进警车里面感受一下。他们还向孩子们展示了用来对抗暴乱时使用的盾牌。孩子们也了解到在紧急情况下应该拨打什么电话:999(警察)及995(火警和急救)。最后,警察叔叔也提醒了孩子们要堤防陌生人,并教他们如何通过查看警察的徽章(警员证)来区分真正的警察和假冒的警察。 孩子们被这些独特的经历所激发并且重新定义了对警察叔叔的敬意。 在此我们非常感激后港邻里警局的工作人员抽出他们宝贵的时间,来教导我们的孩子们,当然我们也非常感激他们为保护我们每一个人所做出的贡献。

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