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Christmas Celebration @ HWA | HWA圣诞庆祝派对

This morning, our school celebrated Christmas! We had loads of fun. The performances by our students and parents were wonderful. All the classes had a party (the school bought a Christmas log cake for every class). We also had the Great Gift Exchange! Amidst all the festivities, we provided a small quiet moment for the students to reflect on our theme “The Joy of Giving and Receiving”, which we hope helped them to see themselves as part of a larger community. We want to thank the Parents Support Group again for their generosity in baking cookies and providing other festive food items for ALL the students and staff.

Just as Christmas@HWA has just ended, our school is looking forward to the Chinese New Year Celebrations @ HWA on 20 January 2017 (Friday)! We will provide more details after the Christmas school holiday. Please note that all students will be dismissed from school at 12pm on this day.

Here’s wishing all parents and guardians a merry and meaningful Christmas, and a wonderful New Year ahead!




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