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Euro Hockey 曲棍球

We are delighted to let you know that starting from this semester, our PE teacher – Mr. Villanueva - has introduced a new sport Euro Hockey to the students.
Euro Hockey is a territory-invasion game that will allow them to understand and learn the fundamentals of such games. This will also give them opportunities to play, build skills, learn team work and fair play. 
This game will also increase their self esteem and make them more physically fit by encouraging maximum participation in physical movements for each student at their level.

欧式曲棍球是一项非常受欢迎的运动,它帮助孩子们理解和学习运动的基本原理。 同时这也让孩子可以从中获得乐趣,培养技巧,学习团队合作和公平竞争。

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