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HWA students won the 1st prize (team) in the Chinese Proficiency Competition 2016

HWA students won the 1st prize (team) in the Chinese Proficiency Competition 2016 for Primary students from Singapore and Malaysia. 

HWA students attended the “Chinese Bridge” International Chinese Proficiency Competition 2016 for Primary School Students (Singapore and Malaysia) on 4th December 2016. The competition was organized by Confucius Classroom@Crestar. Our HWA competitors won the 1st prize in the team category with their excellent aggregate performance. Of the five team prizes awarded altogether, this was the highest. In terms of individual awards, our school also performed admirably – Grade 5 student LiHanyu and Grade 6 Niu Haining both received second-place awards entailing S$500 cash prizes each, while Grade 5 students Chen Qixuan and Sun Yijun received consolation prizes worth S$100 each. The winners’ Chinese teacher(s) will also be rewarded.

It was not by chance that our students performed so well. The impact of our school’s pedagogical philosophy and the efforts of our teachers and students alike cannot be discounted. HWA aims to cultivate cross-culturally competent, effectively bilingual global talent. The school has provided a learning environment of cultural fusion for the students. In terms of Chinese teaching, our curriculum is planned not just with an emphasis on raising the students’ language skills, but also systematically incorporated Chinese culture and art. This has allowed students not only to learn and hone linguistic skills, but also to have an opportunity to appreciate Chinese history, culture and literary arts. We have also organized immersion programs to China, allowing students to learn and practice Chinese in an authentic environment.

For this competition, the two weeks of preparation time we had between registration and the actual event were far from ample. However, our students had already laid down solid Chinese foundations through their conscientious and sustained efforts during their course of study. In these two short weeks, our Primary school Chinese teachers Ms. Chen Qing, Ms. Song Peng and Ms. Liu Chunyan cooperated seamlessly, actively conducting intensive training for the participants in preparation for the competition, explaining a range of question formats and answering techniques, scheduling reading comprehension and essay-writing training, etc. Through the joint efforts of the students and faculty, our participants attained laudable results.

Here’s hoping our students can strive further in this new year, and reach even greater heights.


我校学生在2016 年12月4日由新加坡科思达孔子学院举办的2016“华语桥”小学生国际华语水平大赛(新马地区)上表现优异,参赛的14名学生共同努力,为学校赢得了集体一等奖。大赛共设置五个集体奖:一等奖、二等奖、三等奖、优胜奖和鼓励奖各一个。我校赢得了大赛的最高集体奖一等奖。在个人奖项方面,我校学生也有不俗的表现:五年级李涵宇同学和六年级牛海宁同学都荣获大赛个人二等奖,每人将获得奖金500元及获奖证书;五年级的陈奇轩同学和孙懿隽同学获得大赛的鼓励奖,每人将获得奖金100元及获奖证书。大赛也将奖励获奖者的中文指导教师。




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