One community, a world of difference

20th Jan 2017

There was a quiet knock at my door. My students are starting to understand and adopt proper school etiquette! I suppose my weeks after weeks of reminding the students to knock before they enter have borne fruit.

Three of my junior school girls came in, and they were not the usual ones who would come in to complain about one of their classmates. They came in, smiled, and asked if there were any more candies. I promised them that I would get Mrs Chan to get more candies. For some reason, my wife has become my Quartermaster of Candy, to my students.

They then chanced upon the latest addition to my office, a yellow little “chick” stuffed toy I recently acquired. They were so happy to be introduced to小黄 (Xiao Huang), that they asked if they could borrow it. It was with great regrets and lots of “awhhh” that they found out they could play with it in my office but not to remove it from its present resting place on one of the sofa seats.

I always keep a stuffed toy in my office. It is a useful object for tearful or fearful students or just simply something to break the ice. One of these stuffed toys have gathered plenty of germs from the tears and the hugs of tens and tens of students, that even I (the one with great threshold for germs, due to my years in the military) decided it should go for a wash.

Running a school is very different from running a factory. A lot of heart and feelings go into an educational enterprise, because we are dealing with young lives who need our love and guidance at a very fragile time in their time on earth.

To the young lives we touch…

门外传来一阵轻轻的敲门声。 我的学生们开始理解和实践得体的学校礼仪了! 经过几个星期不断的提醒学生们进门前要先敲门,我的努力今天终于开花结果了!

这次三个小学生来到我的办公室,他们这群并不是像另一群一样是来抱怨他们的一个同学, 她们笑着进来,问我是否还有糖果? 之前我承诺他们,我会跟曾太太拿更多糖果给他们。 奇妙的是,对学生们来说,我的妻子现在已经成了我的“糖果司务长” 。

然后这群孩子们饶有兴趣的开始研究我办公室的新成员-最近收到的一只黄色毛绒玩具小鸡 。 他们很高兴被我介绍给“小黄”认识,他们还问是否可以借“小黄”回去。 当他们得知,他们只可以在我的办公室玩,但不能把“小黄”从现在“休息”的沙发上移开的时候,发出大大的遗憾声和“啊--- ---”声。

我总是喜欢在我的办公室里放一个毛绒玩具。 它是一个非常好的帮手,可以帮我一起安抚伤心流泪或者害怕的学生,甚至有时候帮我拉近与学生之间的距离。 其中一个毛绒玩具已经被送去清洗了,因为就连我这个已经在部队摸爬滚打,对细菌已经有强大容忍能力的人也不能接受了。那个毛绒玩具已经承载了几十个学生的眼泪和拥抱。

运营一间学校与工厂是截然不同的。 教育企业需要倾注非常多的爱心和情感,因为我们面对的这些孩子处在一个非常脆弱的阶段,他们需要我们的爱和正确的引导 。


Michael Chan 曾俊成
Principal 校长
Hillside World Academy