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HWA CNY Celebration | HWA 新春联欢会

Welcoming the Year of the Rooster!

When parents, staff and students walked into the Hillside World Academy (HWA) today for the Chinese New Year celebration, they would have noticed the many beautiful Chinese New Year decorations all around the school - lanterns, flowers, couplets etc. Indeed, everyone could feel the festive mood of the Chinese New Year!

The students from both the Junior School and Senior School put up a wonderful performance that left a lasting impression on all of us. There were the Chinese and modern dances, cross talk, couplet writing, piano playing and even a beatbox performance. The students went back to their classes after the performance where various Chinese New Year activities were arranged. We want to thank the Parent Support Group (PSG) for setting up a most interesting booth for our Junior School students to visit.

The students had loads of fun today. More importantly, we know that through the preparation and the celebration itself, they have developed a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the Chinese language and culture. And that is what HWA is all about.


新年前夕,我们的HWA 国际学校迎来了一年一度的新春联欢会,校园里到处摆放着漂亮的年花,悬挂着红红的灯笼,张贴着同学们书写的春联,整个校园充满了浓浓的年味。
整个新年庆祝活动充满了热烈、喜庆的气氛,传达了我们HWA 国 际学校希望带给我们的学生,家长和老师的浓浓的华人传统文化的气息!新年快乐!

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