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HWA Green Club Jurong Bird Park Trip

On 8th Feb, HWA Green Club members went to the Jurong Bird Park. The trips coincided with the celebration of the Year of the Rooster and our focus on birds of Singapore and Asia. During the trip, students participated in the Zoo-Diac Trail, which included stops at Birds of Prey, the Lory Loft, Jungle Jewels, Wings of Asia and the World of Darkness. As a special treat, students stopped by Pelican cove to learn about Pelicans from across the world. It was a great day out that enriched the students’ understanding of the variety of birds, their unique features and fragile habitats. 

就在2月8日,HWA环保俱乐部的小成员们参观了裕廊飞禽公园。 这次旅程恰逢鸡年的庆祝活动和我们对新加坡和亚洲鸟类的特别关注。 在旅程期间,学生参观了生肖小径,其中包括猎捕鸟儿,彩鹦谷,森林之宝,亚洲珍禽和夜鸟巢穴。 作为一个特别的体验,学生们在鹈鹕湾停下来,去学习、认识世界各地的鹈鹕。 这次旅程丰富了孩子们对鸟类种类的认识、以及它们的特点和脆弱的栖息环境。孩子们度过了非常棒的一天!

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