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HWA Scouts Coney Island Trip

Last Wednesday, 22nd February, HWA Scouts went hiking at Coney Island, Punggol. Our hike day coincided with World Scouts Day (also known as Founders Day), which is a day worldwide where all Scout associations celebrate the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting.
We were privileged to have Ms Noraini and Mr Yeo from the Singapore Scouts Association Headquarters accompany us on our hike. 
We started the day with a reading of a message issued by the Scouts Association Chief Commissioner, which reminded us that a part of scouting is to do good deeds. Collectively we decided our good deed would be to pick up litter during our hike that day.
All the scouts tried their best, persevered and overcame difficulties to complete our very first hike and an enjoyable morning was had by all!

Photo credits: The Singapore Scout Association

就在2月22日,星期三,HWA的童军来到康尼岛上徒步。 我们的徒步日与世界童军日(也被称为创始者之日)刚好在同一天。对于所有的童军来说这是重要的一天,世界各地的童军协会都庆祝童军组织创始人罗伯特·巴登 - 鲍威尔先生的生日。
当天的活动从宣读童军协会首席长官的来信开始, 这封信提醒我们,做为一名合格童军的职责之一就是做好事。 我们决定,我们的好行为应该从我们的徒步过程中清理沿路的垃圾开始。

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