One community, a world of difference

03 Mar 2017

It was yet another busy Tuesday lunch-break when a bunch of students knocked on my doors and came in (for my candy, obviously – it is not like the Principal is the reason for them to come!). I smiled and reminded myself of the students whom I observed barging into their classrooms when their teacher was teaching – I shall have to remind my teachers to reinforce this habit in school. Proper manners is very much a part of society’s expectations, and as educators, it is our job to teach manners as well.

Besides manners, HWA also seeks to develop other aspects of our students. The school got invited to perform at the Serangoon Constituency’s Chinese New Year dinner, as a community partner. Our immersion students from Huijia Private School also joined in, presenting both an energetic dance item and a funny crosstalk 相声 item, while seven lovely Grade 5 girls performed a快板书 “Chinese rap”, all of which amazed the audience.

Getting our students involved in the community, and giving them chances to appear on stage before a “real” audience, has always been something I strive to do for my students, from my days in Shanghai (when I got my students to perform at hotels and shopping malls). Such experiences mould character, and exposes them early (in a safe way) to situations they would have to face in future, when they have to face audiences as well.

All these are important aspects of character development, and I intend to see that our students get as much learning as possible, for them to transition with the necessary attitude to face life when they become adults.

Yet another busy day in school…

又是一个忙碌的周二午休, 这时一群小学生敲门进来(很显然,他们是冲着我的糖果来的,而不像是因为想要见校长!)。 我微笑着,因为这一幕让我想起 那些常常在老师讲课时贸然闯入的学生。看来我是需要提醒老师教导孩子们在学校养成进门前先敲门这个好习惯。日常礼仪是社会对孩子的基本要求之一,作为教师,教导孩子们良好的日常礼仪也是我们的职责。

除了日常礼仪之外,HWA还需要积极的发展学生的其他各个方面。 学校有幸被邀请在Serangoon选区的农历新年晚宴上做为社区合作伙伴呈现一系列表演。 我们来自汇佳私立学校的国际交换生们为大家呈现了一个充满活力的舞蹈表演和一个有趣的相声,还有我们五年级七个可爱的女孩们为观众们献上了快板书“中国说唱”,这些表演都让在场的嘉宾眼前一亮,赢得了阵阵掌声。

我一直努力为我的学生们创造机会,让他们可以参与社区的活动,让他们有机会在舞台上对社会观众表演。这个传统要追溯到我还在上海工作时(当时我安排学生们在酒店和购物中心表演)。 这样的体验不仅仅陶冶他们的情操、塑造他们的性格,还让他们有机会提早接受锻炼如何面对观众,这些都是他们在未来的生活中不可避免的 。



Michael Chan 曾俊成
Principal 校长
Hillside World Academy