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Science and Mathematics Fair |科学与数学博览会

The Science and Math Week activities for the academic year 2016-17 went remarkably well from 28th February to 2nd March 2017, encouraging students to inquire, investigate and reflect on the changes happening around us; from seasons and climate, to materials and energy. Through the activities, the students got a chance to experience and explore Science and Mathematics from both inside and outside the classroom environment. During the week there were lots of fun activities, giving the students lots of opportunities to reflect on the impacts of Science in the real world.

2月28日至3月2日,为期三天的2016-17学年科学和数学周活动取得了空前的成功。这次活动旨在鼓励学生提问,研究和反思我们周围发生的变化; 从季节和气候,到材料和能源。 通过这些生动有趣的活动,学生有机会从课堂内、外环境中体验和探索科学、数学。 在这一周里我们安排了许多有趣的活动,给学生创造更多机会反思科学在现实世界中的影响。

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