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HWA Art Exhibition | HWA 艺术展

We are having the two-week art exhibition - Metamorphosis - by 5 of our graduating Grade 12 visual arts students. The exhibition is part of their IB Diploma Programme requirements, More importantly, the exhibition provides them an opportunity to show you and the others what they have learnt and how far they have come in their learning journey at HWA.

学校现在在多功能厅举行艺术展。展出的作品全部来自于我们12年级的五个视觉艺术专业学生。 这次展览是他们国际文凭课程的重要一部分,更重要的是,这次艺术展为他们提供了一个机会,向身边的老师 同学展示他们所学到的东西,以及他们在HWA学习之旅中取得的骄人成绩。


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