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BCA Universal Design Exhibition 无障碍设计巡回展

HWA hosted BCA’s UD Explorers on Wheels Academy roving exhibition on 29 Mar (Wed), for our Grade 4-8 students. UD Explorers on Wheels Academy is an experiential exhibition that aims to educate, as well as enhance the awareness towards the importance and application of UD in the build environment.

[The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is a government agency championing the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. “Built environment” refers to buildings, structures and infrastructure in our surroundings that provide the setting for the community’s activities.]

[Universal design (UD) refers to “design for everyone”. It helps to create an inclusive society by ensuring that the built environment is accessible to the young, the elderly, and persons with limited mobility, so that they can lead active independent lives while enjoying quality time with their loved ones.]

在本月29号(星期三)HWA与新加坡建设局(BCA)合作,为我校4-8年级的学生举办了“全民无障碍设计探索者移动学院”巡回展览。 “全民无障碍设计探索者移动学院”是一个体验式巡展,旨在教育,并提高无障碍设计在建筑环境中的重要性和普及应用。

[ 新加坡建设局(BCA)是一个为新加坡发展优良建筑环境的政府机构。 “建筑环境”是指周围的建筑物,结构和为社区的活动提供条件的基础设施。]

[ 全民无障碍设计(UD)是指“为每一个人设计”。 通过确保年轻人,老年人和行动不便的人士都可以获得舒适的生活环境来营造一个充满包容性的社会,帮助他们可以积极和独立的与身边的亲人一起享受美好时光。]

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