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HWA Scholarships | HWA 奖学金制度

We bring you the Good news from HWA!

HWA offers academic scholarships to G10 and G11 new students with outstanding academic achievements and sound character. Shortlisted applicants for HWA scholarships will have to attend interviews and sit for written examination.

HWA academic scholarships cover full or partial sponsorship of tuition fees but not other charges.

  • Applicable for academic 2017/2018 August intake.
  • All applications should submit before 30th April 2017
  • Assessment will be conducted between  1st to 15th   May 2017
  • Final result (school offer) will be announced before 31st May 2017 
  • For more information, please email admissions@hwa.edu.sg


为鼓励品学兼优的学生,HWA 特别为应届10、11年级新生提供不同等级的奖学金。入选奖学金候选名单的学生需要参加面试和笔试。



  • 申请人必须为2017/2018学年新学年入学申请者。
  • 学生及家长在确认报名后,在2017年4月30日前向学校提出书面申请。
  • 测试将在2017年5月1日-15日之间进行。
  • 最终结果将在2017年5月31日前公布。
  • 若您有任何疑问,请随时联系:admissions@hwa.edu.sg


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