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09 May 2017

Singapore is probably one of the strictest nations when it comes to the quality of education. Such strict oversight extends to even private education, governed by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). Schools have to meet a minimum quality of governance and educational administration, and with certain financial muscle, just to be in the business. Schools wanting to enrol international students (defined as students who are not ordinarily resident in Singapore) have to acquire the EduTrust certification.

HWA has been awarded the EduTrust certification since 2012. The EduTrust certifying team from CPE visited the school in March to assess the quality of education. They were very professional and thorough in their audit (as expected from a team of Singaporeans), and were most certainly impressed with our dedication and efforts in making sure the school achieves its dual mission – to be the paragon of Chinese culture, as well as a mainstay of international education.

I am glad to announce that we have kept the EduTrust certification, for a period of one year (till May 2018). The efforts of my staff in making sure we keep up the quality of education have made this possible, and kudos must go to them for their sheer hard work in a small school with a lean staff.

We do not rest on our laurels. Already, we are making preparations to ensure that we are able to get the highly-prized 4-Year EduTrust certification which would indicate a school of outstanding quality.

新加坡在教育质量方面的监管可能是全世界最严格的国家之一。 这种严格的监督甚至延伸到私立学校教育,由政府设立的私立学校教育委员会(CPE)进行管理。 学校必须达到一定的学校管理和教育质量要求,并确保学校具备充足的财务保障 ,才能在新加坡运营。 若学校计划招收国际学生(非常驻新加坡的学生)必须通过EduTrust认证。

HWA从2012年起就已经获得EduTrust认证。今年,来自CPE的EduTrust认证团队于3月份来到学校,对学校进行教育质量的审计、评估。 他们的审计工作非常专业、全面(是新加坡人的特征吧!),同时他们也对学校为实现HWA的双重使命(成为中国文化的典范和国际教育的支柱)所做出的努力印象尤为深刻 。

我很荣幸的宣布,我们再次获得EduTrust认证,为期一年(至2018年5月)。 这一切都离不开我们学校教职工为保障教学质量所做出的不懈努力。

当然,我们不会自满而止足不前 。 我们已经在做各方面的准备工作, 确保我们可以在明年获得4年EduTrust认证来证明我们是一个优秀的国际学校。

Till the next time…

Michael Chan 曾俊成

Principal 校长

Hillside World Academy