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19 May 2017


Our Grade 12 students are currently taking their IB Diploma examinations. While the IB Diploma programme is a 2-year programme, these two years are but a marker in a process of education that began when a child first comes into this world, and has to learn how to draw his first breath. His first teacher was probably the midwife, who gave him a whack on his butt, inducing pain and thus a reflex to draw breath.

I learnt early on as an educator, that when students take their exams, it is all hands on deck for their parents, principal caregivers and the teachers as well. Our teachers spent a lot of time making sure their students are well-prepped for the exams, making sure the examinations venue and procedures are within IB specifications, and generally just making sure our students can cross this important hurdle of their life and go on to further their education.

The IB examinations do not recognize national holidays, as it is taken world-wide. This year, our students had to take their papers on two national holidays in Singapore – Labour Day and Vesak Day. These are days that our teachers and support staff could have rested but had to be present to ensure the school is ready for the exams. I want to give a shout-out to our dedicated team who made the exams possible on these two days.

The school is also slowly winding down, as we prepare to end our academic year. Lots of activities are currently being planned, including an excursion for the entire Junior School, the PYP exhibition and the various graduation ceremonies. I am very certain our students are looking forward to all of them!

我们 12年级学生正在参加IB国际文凭的统一考试。 虽然IB高中国际文凭课程是一个为期两年的课程,对于孩子们的教育来说,这两年的学习就像是一个孩子初来到世界一样,需要去学习怎样开始呼吸。 他的第一位老师可能是助产护士,通过拍打他的臀部,用疼痛从而引起了一系列条件反射来呼吸。

作为一个教育家的我很早就知道,当学生参加考试时,他们的父母、监护人和教师都是严阵以待。 我们的老师花了非常多的时间帮助学生们预备好考试,确保考试的场地和程序都符合IB的要求和规范。这些努力都为了确保我们的学生能够越过他们生活中的这次重要考验,可以继续他们的学业。

由于IB考试为国际性考试,所以不会顾虑到新加坡的公共假期 。 今年,我们的学生不得不在新加坡的两个公共假期(劳动节和卫塞节 )期间考试 。原本可以享受公共假期的老师和工作人员为了保证考试一切安排妥当,都回来学校 。 我想要为我们专业的团队喝彩 ,因为他们的努力才让我们的考试进行的如此顺利。

这个学年也慢慢接近尾声。目前学校正在规划许多活动,包括小学部全体学生郊游,小学作品展和各种毕业典礼。 我相信,孩子们将会非常期待的!

Till the next time…

Michael Chan 曾俊成
Principal 校长
Hillside World Academy