One community, a world of difference

30 May 2017

This was the speech I gave at the High School Graduation Ceremony.

I was reminded of Harry Potter when I put on my gown and saw the high school students with their gowns on. Harry Potter had to deal with many things in his years at Hogwarts, including risking his life to take down Voldemort. Unlike Harry Potter, my students will not need to face down the greatest evil ever in order to graduate from HWA.

The books did not reveal much of what happened after Harry left Hogwarts. We understand that he took up positions at the Ministry of Magic and did very well. In the same way, your life will be very different after you leave HWA. You will find university to be a place of many freedoms, freedoms you might never have encountered previously. Please make use of that freedom wisely.

You will find that your learning does not end after university as well. Society will teach you many lessons, and in a way, society is harsher than any school can ever be. Please treasure your days in school, because you will one day think back to those memories with much nostalgia.

On behalf of the Academic Board, we would like to wish our graduating high schoolers all the best in your future endeavours. Congratulations.


当我穿上我的礼服、看到高中生穿着他们毕业长袍时,让我不禁想起哈利波特 。 哈利波特不得不在霍格沃茨魔法学院多年,面对各种各样的事情和困难,包括冒着生命危险击败伏地魔。与哈利波特不同的是,HWA的学生们不需要克服如此大的挑战才可以毕业 。

书里面没有提到哈利离开霍格沃茨魔法学院后的事情。 我们知道他在魔法部任职并且表现很好。 同样的,当你们踏出HWA的校门后,你的生活将会有很大的不同。 你会发现大学是充满自由的地方,这些可能是你们从未见识过的自由。 但是,孩子们,请明智地使用这个“自由”。

你将发现,你们的学习之路并不会在大学毕业后结束。 现实社会会教你许多功课,在某种程度上,社会比任何一所学校都会更加严格。 也希望你们珍惜在学校的日子,有一天这些美好的回忆会涌上心间。

我们代表学术委员会,祝我们HWA 的高中毕业生前程似锦 !

Michael Chan 曾俊成
Principal 校长
Hillside World Academy