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HWA School Opening | HWA 迎新日

“ Good morning parents, teachers and students,

It is great to start school again after the summer holidays.

Looking around the hall, I can see that it is completely filled. And not all our students have returned to school yet! I can imagine that sooner rather than later, this hall will not be able to accommodate the whole school as our school is still growing and new students are still being enrolled.

All of us start school with different expectations and with different emotions. Some of us look forward to coming to school because we get to see our wonderful friends and we have new textbooks. Others can’t wait to get back to school because they enjoy studying and learning new knowledge. However, some others may not entirely want to go back to school because they are enjoying their holidays too much.

Whatever the expectations and emotions, school is starting today. It is my hope that all students develop and grow in two ways: being a good student and being a good person. Hillside World Academy is a school that seeks to not just impart knowledge and skills, but also to develop in our students good values such as respect and integrity.

We want to thank our parents again for their commitment and belief towards the school when they enrol their children in our school.”   - Mr. Poh Leong Joo, Vice Principal


“ 各位家长,各位老师,各位同学,大家早上好 !在这里,我敬代表HWA的全体老师和员工欢迎各位加入到我们HWA国际学校的大家庭 ,今天 ,我们开学了!新的学年,我们的孩子们将在这里收获知识,培养品德,学会做人,更能够结交到来自世界各地的新朋友! 各位HWA的专业的老师将以我们的爱心培育孩子,以责任之心来教育孩子,永远葆有一颗童心、让孩子们拥有一份童真 。 在这里我们欢迎在坐的各位新生家长能积极地参与我们的家长支持联合会的活动,为学校献计献策,提供您宝贵的建议 。最后,衷心祝愿在HWA求学的每一位同学在新的学期里学业有成!  ”  -赵副校长

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