One community, a world of difference

17 Aug 2017


In many schools, summer holiday is usually the quietest time of the year. This is a time when there is hardly any student or staff in the school except for the principal and a few administrative staff. This is because during summer holiday, many students return home, whether to the United States, Europe, China or other parts of Asia, to visit their families and catch up with their friends.

However, this is not the situation here at the Hillside World Academy (HWA). I am very pleased to still see many happy children and committed teachers at HWA. This group of students has decided to stay in Singapore to continue their learning at the English and Chinese Summer Course @ HWA, from 27 June to 28 July..

Summer Course @ HWA adopts the IB approaches to teaching and learning - holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication. Using the IB PYP inquiry-based approach for the Primary School and the IB MYP concept-driven approach for the Middle School, our teachers design and deliver the curriculum. As such, the Summer Course @ HWA offers a unique opportunity for students who wish to learn English and/or Chinese as an additional language in a conducive IB learning environment.

Many students in the Summer Course @ HWA are our current students. Many others will also be joining HWA when we start our academic year again in early August. I know that the Summer Course @ HWA will provide a meaningful and enjoyable learning opportunity for all these students so that they will be better equipped to learn further in the new academic year.




HWA的暑期课程运用IB的教学模式授课和学习方式-主题教学,跨文化领域沟通和交流。 小学的课程则是通过运用IB的以提出问题为主导的教学模式授课,中学课程运用IB的教学理念为主导的教学模式。 通过这样的方式,为孩子们提供一个特殊的机会学习英文、中文语言课程。


Mr Poh Leong Joo

Vice Principal (Academic), Head of Senior School and MYP Coordinator