One community, a world of difference

15 September 2017

Greetings to all the parents and students !

This new semester will post many interesting and positive directives for the school.

I have been officially instituted and assumed the Principalship of HWA. I am very honored to be able to carry out the progressive development phrases of the school, most important of all, to step-up the level of the nurturing our precious kids, academically and holistically.

As a school that bridges this developmental process, I will seek a strong tripartite partnership and communications with parents. No distance matter, the world is globalized, all to ensure the success of each child as we both hands and journeyed together.

Hence, please do not hold back your constructive sharing & feedbacks, please share your experience with us, it will foster continuing learning in the HWA's IB culture. To the many parents who have been ardently supporting HWA,  volunteering and helping  undeservingly, my deepest ,Thanks!

You can be assured milestones created in the legend of HWA will always have a part of your giving spirit.

I do sincerely invite more parents to come forward to share with the caring teachers for any matters , or if you choose to drop an email to us, your mail will be responded.

Look forward to the next sharing session with you.

Thank you.

Clarissa Lim
September 2017