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HWA Scouts 2017-2018

Last year Scouts CCA had a lot of exciting activities such as a camp fire at Ponggol view primary school, a hike at Coney island and a visit to the Singapore Maritime museum. This year we are looking forward to more fun and learning.

CCAs resumed with our open house at the end of August. Scouts CCA has attracted 25 primary school cub scout students to join so far this year.

The first week, with the assistance of Mr Yeo from Scouts HQ, began with an opening ceremony where the cubs learned how to stand in a horse shoe formation and conduct a “flag break” ceremony. They also learned to recite the Scout promise and pledge, pillars on which the scout movement is built. The cubs went on to form their “six packs" and Sixers (leaders) and assistant Sixers have been appointed.

Yesterday saw the cubs working together in their sixes to complete a scavenger hunt and they learned the importance of teamwork and cooperation, useful life skills that are very much in line with our IB philosophy.

Nest week the cubs are looking forward to going on an excursion to the Singapore Scouts HQ at Bishan to see the museum and learn about the history of scouting.

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