One community, a world of difference

25 September 2017


HWA is a premier institution with a mission of bicultural excellence at its core. In these hallways, bright young minds experience an enriching blend of cultures and learn to take on the world with a global perspective.

This is what I believe we are, and can be.

As I learn the ropes of my role in this wonderful community, I have had the opportunity to see, hear and immerse myself in the enthusiasm and excitement of our very own PYP students.

At a young age, they show great promise as pioneers of biculturalism. They speak English and Chinese confidently with perfect diction and poise. They absorb, question and debate. In essence, they think in two languages, encode in both languages in the same concept yet able and see the world from both sides of the coin.  The adding beauty is they can code-switch between putonghua and huayu, fully portraying internationalism, in contextual setting.

As an educator, I understand that Chinese proves to be a language that tests the boundaries of education. With over 50,000 characters and a timeline spanning dynasties, the language demands devotion and perseverance from both teacher and student. Yet, HWA continues to groom and nurture native English speakers to achieve proficiency in Chinese.

I admire HWA for the culture of learning it has developed over generations. Attitudes of inquiry stemming from a meticulous IB curriculum create spaces for students to explore and seek beyond their textbooks. In this way, students learn to be learners, and learn to love learning.

HWA will continue to be a quality choice for parents who wish to help their kids embark on a journey of bilingual mastery.

I'm privileged to be a part of this movement. The HWA family is moving in the right direction.

Clarissa Lim