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The story of food waste @ ArtScience Museum

During this week (25th September to 29th September), the G11 and G12 DP Geography students completed their mid-semester assessments on their units “Population and Change” and “Patterns in Resource consumption” respectively.

In order to celebrate, G11 and G12 students went on an excursion to the ArtScience Museum to watch the movie “Wasted! The story of food waste”. The movie is a well-known documentary, executively produced by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, and is about the pressing issue of food waste around the world. Ham Seungbi, a G12 student, said “one take-away from the movie was that we shouldn't assume that best-buy dates of all food items from supermarkets mean that the food will go bad after that date. We can still eat processed food like honey after the best-buy date. It's a misconception, and now I am more informed when I go to buy my groceries.”

The students also enjoyed socialising, learning a little humanities and science during their outing with their Geography teacher, Ms Bhavna, at one of the most iconic museums of Singapore right next to the world-renowned hotel, Marina Bay Sands.

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