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Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

HWA's celebration of this special evening was the stunning work of our students who took the centre stage. With the guiding of the teachers, they took over the stage from hosting to performing, interchangeably switching their speeches both in English and Mandarin, bringing grim across their proud parents' faces.

The heightened point was the visit of our neighbor from Pertapis Children Home, they had a fun-filled session at our games' stores. Truly, this friendship between HWA and Pertapis will evolve into something wonderful in the near future.

Loud burst of claps thundered when their friends won the lantern contest organized by the school. Our ingenious kids and parents participated ardently for the lantern making revolving around the main theme of Eco-friendliness, Aesthetics, Practicality and of course, Cultural elements.

Mandarin songs, shadow puppet story telling, solo performances showcase the potential talents of our students.

Truly, the educators of HWA will always adopt the facilitating position for our children, the stage belongs to - HWAs' Student!

Happy Mid-Autumn wishes to All.

Clarissa Lim
Principal, HWA