One community, a world of difference

Day 4 of the SAPA trip for Grade 11

The morning was wet but we are happy that it soon stopped raining. Due to the heavy rain the night before, we decided that it was best to leave the remainder of the fencing work to the locals, as we were concerned with the safety of our students. Instead, we concentrated on painting the walls of the school and setting up a file cabinet for the local teachers. The students worked hard and finished the jobs before lunch time.
After lunch, we went back to the school amid the light rain for the handing over ceremony and to interact with the local students (Grade 1 - 5). The school children performed a dance to thank the older ones for their efforts. Some of the young children also shared their dreams of escaping poverty and hoped to do so through education. Our G11’s had a great time sharing their thoughts with the younger ones. We hope that this interaction will inspire the young children to work hard and have a better life.
In the evening, we experienced a blackout and momentarily we had to have our meals by the candlelight. It gave our HWA students a chance to reflect on the situation - to appreciate the modern comforts they are used to and to empathise the life of the less advantaged.

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