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17 October 2017


Come 23 October, HWA will continue it's next phrase of learning journal for our precious students, gearing towards Christmas and the countdown of 2017.

This one week of break allows a brief change of lifestyles break in habits for all the teachers, students and parents alike.

Waking up later than usual, having lazy breakfast at grandparents' place or a holiday resorts for some of the families, this break provides just the needed refreshing change.

Just like such minor change, learning concentration can be reset too. Many experts have often advised parents and teachers to switch subjects contrasting to each one so that the concentration of each child can be stretched. With this reason, school has planned the lesson period to be 40-45 minutes to maximize the concentration of the child, before commencing another activity.

Students learn best with the support of a good environment, HWA works hard to provide the scaffold learning frameworks and parents work along to support their children's emotional development.

For parents who are not beside your child in Singapore, your kid's love tank can be filled with encouraging words and simple text messages send by you. Do it to remind them that Daddy and Mommy always love them!

HWA will keep to it's promises to continue to support all the kids studying with us by providing pastoral care not just from the teaching team but the administrative team as well.

Have a good week!
Clarissa Lim