One community, a world of difference

06 November 2017

Greetings to all!
In a fast-paced society where change is the only constant, the education sector is urged to move with the times and continually seek betterment.

But change is only possible with the right team to make things happen. Academic institutions and schools alike need to initiate firm assessment to ensure the right candidates are matched to key management positions. Careful selection of Management staff, teachers and non teaching staff are equally crucial to ensure that students receive the guidance and mentorship they deserve.

I am reminded of a recent news article that reported the case of an A* research scientist’s PhD being revoked for doctored data. Committees of inquiry from NUS and NTU took the lead in investigations and subsequently punished 4 of the implicated researchers.

It is regrettable that a moment of folly has compromised the good name of these world-class institutions.

Teachers serve as role models for their students. Their words, actions and attitudes influence the ways in which our children respect and value learning.

At the same time, teachers are ambassadors of the HWA culture and shape our learning dynamics outside the classroom. They build trust between parents and the school.

It is imperative that HWA exercises critical selection to ensure that our educators have respectable work ethics and morals worth emulating. Our teachers pave the road for our students’ success. HWA will constantly seek team players who will do their best to fulfill students’ needs.

“It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”

Thank you.


Clarissa Lim