One community, a world of difference

02 January 2018

Greetings to Parents, Students, and the magnificent team of HWA.

Wish all of you a Happy New 2018 and welcome a God Blessed year!

Indeed, with the reflective departure of 2017 and the welcoming of 2018, HWA is fully ready to embrace the New Year with many improved and refined planning, introducing enhanced services, such as social-emotional support, language tutorial lessons just for our very own HWA’s students.

PYP teams see an involvement of management support in leadership to the introduction of 2 Coordinators leading the team. The Coordinators will be working alongside the teachers, providing training and continuous support for teachers’ operational workflow. Besides, parents will be informed first hand, of all events and updates, plus they have 4 key personnel, 2 Coordinators & 2 teachers to contact in regard to their children’s progress.

Arts will see the introduction of Chinese Cultural arts alongside Contemporary arts; students will have vast experiences enjoying the integration of both arts, adding on to their learning outcome.

MYP and DP team see an aligning of curriculum to streamline learning with introducing clear track in subjects division to cater to the new educational trend adopted by universities and institutions.

HWA works closely with our parent school, Huijia International School, Beijing, drawing the strength and expertise of Huijia’s collaboration with worldwide top universities, for placement for our IBDP student’s during their year 12.

HWA is proud to collaborate with National Institute of Education, Singapore (NIE), in providing the very important social and emotional support that completes the development of holistic education that HWA emphasises on. HWA and NIE will provide care & counselling for Kindergarten, PYP, MYP & DP. Parents can look forward to the full pastoral care that every child can enjoy throughout their educational journey with HWA.

HWA will like to share that there is never ending to our involvement in student’s growth & development that we cherish more than anyone. We will constantly brainstorm positive developmental programe for our kids and parents’ input and suggestions are very important to the team and they matter as we collectively design and execute our plans and actions, a strong reminder that parents care for HWA and are part of HWA’s family.

HWA will like to express a multitude of thanks to parents for their relentless support always and especially our very own, HWA’s students that make this school possible. Truly, together we grow and advance forward.

The management and academic team will drive hard to fulfill the expectations and excel to lift the school standard to another high in our distinguished bilingual and bicultural experiences, to meet the standard of the new and challenging world.

Thank You.


Clarissa Lim