One community, a world of difference

15 January 2018

Warmest greetings to Parents, Students and, fellow colleagues.

It’s a wonderful time to enjoy this festive leading up to Chinese Lunar New Year in this cool weather.

The start of semester 2 sees HWA’s teaching team vibes up with much interesting backs to back preparations for the students.

The first being Chinese New year celebration and next is the registration of HSK for students.

As a bilingual school, HSK attests to HWA’s students taking ownership of their own learning and constantly seeking for improvement in mandarin. The whole exercise is never about how good the grades are, it’s always the experiences that students progress on.

Teachers take the mission seriously to enforce positive mindset in students that learning never stops. They spend time preparing, allocating, and mitigating between activities to ensure adequate attention is devoted to helping our students for this test. The whole movement is beautifully orchestrated and the interaction is synergised.

School is a warm bed for students to experience failure. They can fail, in order to win. If there is only one place that allows this failing experience one must go through in life, it’s the school.

Failing in the developing years helps student to develop resilience. Having gone through the challenges, the child will dare to think out of the box, steps out of his comfort zone and venture into the learning journey with courage, knowing that challenges never daunt him, but he can always bounce back, fearless.

Positive mindset versus Performance mindset, Positive mindset definitely takes center stage.

It’s common to hear of ones sharing of his achievement, it’s not common to hear one commenting on failures. Students need to be ingrained with the mindset of “ I am good, I just need time”.

To support the learning, is to allow challenges. Hence parents, if your kids tell you tests are hard, agree with them and encourage them to go through, it’s the progressive step to be successful.

In the true spirit as HWA’s students, the time spent in HWA must see the student progresses with a powerful mindset to trust his own effort, his ability and the talents that God has given him.


Clarissa Lim